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Behold the 30-plus ingredients that make up Doritos Cool Ranch tortilla chips.

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Doritos are a guilty pleasure of mine. Seeing them deconstructed in this fashion don't deter me from eating them. All logic is thrown out the window when I taste a chip. It's disgusting, but the food hackers at Frito-Lay are masters are fooling my brain.

It is surprisingly easy to fool our minds with such process.

Reminds me of Twinkies Deconstructed:

Here's another good article about it:

I just saw this on your Twitter feed and almost stashed it! Awesome post.

34 ingredients make up Cool Ranch tortilla chips?! 34?!

...including three artificial colors, as well as 10 flavors and chemicals that add up to cheddar cheese. 


"More food additives are made directly from corn than from any other raw material except petroleum," Ettlinger writes, "it is the most important crop in the United States. Almost all of it is a starchy, thick-skinned kind called #2 yellow dent corn or field corn."


The book adds to a growing chorus of concern that food additives aren't so much killing us and causing cancer, but delivering lots of calories without satisfying our bodies' needs. They may also be deceiving our bodies in ways that could cause us to eat more and worse.

Still, the authors contend that it's not about whether artificial ingredients are good or bad for you. "The real debate," writes Ettlinger, "concerns whether a diet filled with highly processed foods is as likely to be as good for you as one that minimizes them, and whether a food and agriculture system that relies extensively on artificial food ingredients, petroleum, and corporate, monoculture farming is sustainable and a good political and environmental policy."

Eric, you might appreciate this summary of a NYT article describing the food science of Doritos: