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Ahmed Mohamed says he's going to the White House — and then he's transferring schools

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But does he deserve all the public accolade?  it elevates him that he was a victim, sought to be made an example of.  But only because of the media attention do the people at the top pay attention.  

And yet, he now holds the humble position of encouraging kids like himself.  So, certainly, he's proven he isn't a bad kid to support.

From bigoted example to altruistic.  Coinage.


Ahmed looked upbeat during his roughly 6-minute appearance, smiling as he recounted the absurd series of events that led him to his arrest. Police have decided not to press charges after determining the clock was not a bomb, as they had originally assumed. But he remains suspended until Thursday for — again — bringing a homemade clock to school. Asked about his other inventions, he said he had previously built a pair of Bluetooth speakers ("but they're gone now; I kind of messed up with them") and said he was currently patenting an invention that harnesses power through neodymium magnets.

Ahmed told the crowd he'd like to appear on Shark Tank someday. In the meantime, he says, he plans to help other students who find themselves in a similar situation. And he encouraged young people to keep working on their inventions. "Don't let people change who you are," he said. "Even if you get consequences for it."

He is wise beyond his years. 

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