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In Silicon Valley, Perks Now Begin at Home - New York Times

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I do not believe it's a good idea to spoil employees.

SAN FRANCISCO — Phil Libin, chief executive of Evernote, turned to his wife last year and asked if she had suggestions for how the software company might improve the lives of its employees and their families. His wife, who also works at Evernote, didn’t miss a beat: housecleaning.

Today, Evernote’s 250 employees — every full-time worker, from receptionist to top executive — have their homes cleaned twice a month, free.

It is the latest innovation from Silicon Valley: the employee perk is moving from the office to the home. Facebook gives new parents $4,000 in spending money. Stanford School of Medicine is piloting a project to provide doctors with housecleaning and in-home dinner delivery. Genentech offers take-home dinners and helps employees find last-minute baby sitters when a child is too sick to go to school.

These kinds of benefits are a departure from the upscale cafeteria meals, massages and other services intended to keep employees happy and productive while at work. And the goal is not just to reduce stress for employees, but for their families, too. If the companies succeed, the thinking goes, they will minimize distractions and sources of tension that can inhibit focus and creativity.

Evernote gives you money for a vacation but NOT if you visit your in-laws!

Oh and btw... this guy is no longer the CEO of Evernote. Now he's a VC.

But his no longer being the CEO has nothing to do with his promotion of employee perks.

So, assuming to clean a house cost $120, twice a month - $240, for a year $2880, $5760 pre-tax. If a company to give every single employee a $6K bonus every year, will it make the same effect?

I think cleaning one's house is part of life, and for an employer to take over this responsibility is, in some way, infantilizing. Pay people enough so they can afford to hire help for cleaning if they want to spend money this way.

Halibutboy - How does Evernote check if you are visiting your in-laws?

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