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What type of woman should freeze her eggs?

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The answer surprised me.

So who should freeze their eggs? 

Probably no one. It just delays the inevitable. You will disrupt your career, you will hate the transition to parenthoodyou will feel out of control, and you will have the brunt of household care. You will never have enough money for your kids because no one does. And you will never have enough time for them, either. Freezing eggs doesn’t make any of that better.

But having a baby by the time you’re 35 means you’ll get to see the child in adult life. And I can tell you with assurance that for me, that’s a huge part of why being alive feels so exciting and full of promise. I want to see how my kids’ lives unfold.

Freezing eggs does not change one thing in your life. It just delays it.

The whole truth is that while I don’t see a huge benefit to freezing eggs, I also don’t see a huge benefit to people with kids eating free dinners at their workplace. Our first job is family and our second job is work, but kids can’t speak up like your workplace can. So you have to be a balanced voice for both.

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