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10 Reasons Why People Who Read a Lot Are More Likely to Be Good Leaders

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1. They have better people skills.According to researchers, reading encourages our brains to try to relate with the characters we are reading about. Even if we go several days without coming back to the book, our brain continues to make neural connections with the experiences and behaviors of these characters. By connecting with several characters of a book, we boost our emotional IQ and become more able to connect with people. These kinds of skills are important for leadership as they help us communicate with our associates.

Will only book reading do? Or will reading online articles work too?

Darn. I can never pull myself away from online reading to make time for novels these days. 

It seems to me that that your people skills are well developed.  Maybe you've read enough novels for now.  :-)

Can you ever read enough?

I didn't think so.

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