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There is no such thing as having it all. And no workplace can change that.

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Again - no such thing!

Yes, even a very accommodating workplace is not enough:

Author and academic Anne-Marie Slaughter might say my workplace was the problem. She argued in the New York Times this weekend that the uber-competitive workplace of 2015 benefits the young and the wealthy and leaves women, in particular, behind. They disproportionately drop out to care for their kids and their parents: “this model of winning at all costs reinforces a distinctive American pathology of not making room for caregiving. The result: We hemorrhage talent and hollow out our society.”

Slaughter is right (as she was in her blockbuster 2012 article) on why women still can’t have it all. We need more support. In Europe, women return to the workplace more because there is more of an institutional framework for them to do so.

My mom always said you can have ANYTHING if you work hard but you can't have EVERYTHING. I'm not even sure about the anything part any more, but I'm way sure about the everything part.

Your mom is wise. Life is about tradeoffs.

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