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Gawker editors resign after story pulled

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After Gawker yanked the story because it did not meet its own standards for being newsworthy, the two editors who were responsible for the story being posted have resigned. And they didn’t just resign by walking out the door — they wrote long, self-righteous rants about how they were horrified that the higher ups would blatantly interfere with the website’s editorial decision making.

“That this post was deleted at all is an absolute surrender of Gawker’s claim to ‘radical transparency’; that non-editorial business executives were given a vote in the decision to remove it is an unacceptable and unprecedented breach of the editorial firewall, and turns Gawker’s claim to be the world’s largest independent media company into, essentially, a joke,” thundered ex-Gawker editor Max Read in his Prisoner-esque resignation scene.

It's kind of like a snake eating its own tail.

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