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Scott Dinsmore: A Tribute by James Clear

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Scott ran a business called Live Your Legend where he focused on helping people find and do work they love. 

He was on a quest to help people make a living off of their passion.

His website grew rapidly. Out of the three of us, Scott’s site was the first to hit 10,000 subscribers. About a year after we began our monthly calls, Scott told me that he wanted to give a TEDx Talk. 

He spent months talking to previous speakers and conference organizers. He went to dinners and other conferences with the hope of connecting with someone who could get him on the shortlist for a TEDx event. Eventually, he worked his way into the second alternate spot for TEDxGoldenGatePark.

A month before the event, the first speaker dropped out. Six days before the event, a second speaker dropped out. Scott received the call informing him that he would be speaking, created his presentation in six days, and delivered his now famous TEDx Talk titled, “How to Find and Do Work You Love.” 

Within a week, his talk had nearly 50,000 views. Within a year, 500,000 views. By the time he passed away, it was one of the 25 most popular TEDx Talks in history with more than 2.5 million views.

"People just don’t want to do this journey solo.”

We all need to be surrounded by people who can support our dreams. We all need to connect with someone and think, “You understand me.” Scott used Live Your Legend to build a space where connections like that could happen. He fostered understanding, meaning, and connection for people all around the world.

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