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Here's How Much 11 Popular Investment Firms Charge in Fees

Here s How Much 11 Popular Investment Firms Charge in Fees


Even if they aren’t actively managed, mutual funds still include fees, or expense ratios. The brokerage firm that curates the fund (like Vanguard or Fidelity or Ameritrade) charges this fee. It’s usually a small percentage, but it can add up. Personal Capital analyzed eleven of the major firms to rank just how much they charge customers. Merrill Lynch came in at the highest, with a 0.68 percent fee. Scottrade was the lowest at 0.17 percent.

Interestingly, Vanguard wasn’t included in their roundup, and Vanguard funds are known for having incredibly low expense ratios. According to Vanguard, their average ratio is a mere 0.18 percent.

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Surprises: Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley are bad. Fidelity and Schwab are good. 

And Vanguard is good. 

yay vanguard

Sounds like you're a fan.

Great stash, Thoendell! Thank you :)

Amazing how much variance there is. 

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