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Self-parking cars are better than humans at parking

Self parking cars are better than humans at parking Fusion


In a not-so-shocking turn of events, it turns out that robots are very good at mechanical tasks, and humans are overconfident in their driving abilities.

new study from the AAA put human drivers who considered themselves adept at parallel parking in a “park-off” against five models of self-parking cars. The result? Human drivers got absolutely destroyed by the automated cars in a test of basic parking skills.

Nearly 80% of survey respondents contacted by the AAA said they were “confident in their parallel parking abilities.” But self-parking cars hit the curb 81% less often than human drivers in the road test, and parked themselves with 47% fewer maneuvers. Self-parking cars were also able to park 37% closer to the curb than human drivers, and—to add insult to injury—they did it 10% faster than the humans.

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I know these cars are better than me at parking. 

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