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The Fast, Furry Rise of the Instagram-Famous Pet


It's not just dogs playing the Instagram fame game.Rylai, a white marble fox, has 94,000 followers (domesticated foxes are available by import from Russia for $9,000). Lionel the Hedgehog, a prickly creature that at 26,000 followers is "the most famous animal in Charleston, South Carolina," according to his owner Anna Mathias, a PR student, was reposted early on by Joe Jonas. "I was in a movie and my phone was dying and I put it on airplane mode," says Mathias. "I got five missed calls from my little sister. I turned on my phone and I had all these followers and I saw the tags. Joe still follows Lionel and interacts."

Once celebrity has been established, some lucky animals become full-blown brands. Toast (299,000), whose Instagram handle and slogan is "Toast Meets World," is owned by Katie Sturino, a PR executive and the wife of Josh Ostrovsky, better known as The Fat Jew, though Toast became Insta-famous before Ostrovsky, according to Sturino. "They definitely have their own career paths," she says.

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These animals do have incredible follower-ships.

I wonder if there's just a few stars or if there are a lot of them.

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