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The Most Influential Burgers in America

The Most Influential Burgers in America First We Feast




Address and phone: 1500 W. Colorado, Pasadena, CA (Defunct)

Why it’s influential: By the mid-1900s—thanks to the enormous influence of White Castle—the burger was everywhere. The classic patty-and-bun combination was ubiquitous, and short-order chefs across America were starting to experiment with toppings like fried eggs and the popular Los Angeles condiment, chili sauce. It was only a matter of time before someone slipped a slice of cheese on a patty to create the first cheeseburger. That cook was teenager Lionel Sternberger (yes, his actual name) at his family’s fruit stand in Pasadena, CA. It’s assumed that the addition of cheese to his burgers prompted Lionel to open the now-defunct burger joint called the Rite Spot, and the rest was history.

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Makes me wish that Pasadena establishment was still open!

First we feast is one of the most annoying pages I've been to!  I tried twice, cause I really wanted to read the article, but couldn't take it!  It felt like my browser was hijacked :( lol

"...Solly’s Grille in Milwaukee which served the first Butter Burger..."

Do I dare ask what a "butter burger" is?

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