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Will Virtual Reality Make Us Feel Better?

Ava Kofman Will Virtual Reality Make Us Feel Better Guernica A Magazine of Art & Politics


Amidst all the hype around virtual reality’s novelty, it’s easy to forget about its all-too-human users. Media theorist Doug Rushkoff points out that any argument about empathy depends more on the people using the technology than on the technology itself. “The ability to form empathy in a medium has much less to do with how many senses are involved and more to do with how much control the humans have over the exchange and over what they’re doing,” Rushkoff explained. “I do believe in the empathic possibilities of any medium,” he added, “I just don’t think we should be fooled that the presence of more senses and higher resolution graphics necessarily means more empathy.”

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I hear what he's saying. You don't need graphics and senses for empathy.

And just because you have graphics and senses doesn't mean you'll get empathy. 

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