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Could Grassroots ‘Cactivism’ be the Cure for California’s Drought?

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I'm all for recycled water, but sort of suspect the elegance of this system can't scale. Might be cool for a golf resort in the Central Valley, but is that a good use of water in the first place?

Unclear. But still a fascinating idea:

According to DesignBoom,“Grassroots Cactivism utilizes the nopales cactus, a drought tolerant plant that’s fit for both human and animal consumption, and remarkably, is able to effectively clean polluted water. Of the plant, the cacti mucilage — or inner pulp — can be adapted to improve and revolutionize existing wastewater management systems.”

By harnessing the power of our prickly friends, Chen hopes to create new ways of both filtering water and creating a more sustainable source of food.

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