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The Surprising Benefits (and Pitfalls) of Being a "Jack of All Trades"

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The BenefitsFirst of all, let’s talk about the benefits—starting with the obvious...

You Are AdaptableYou Learn How to LearnYou Fit Well Into Leadership RolesYou Build More Confidence In YourselfVariety Is the Spice of Life The PitfallsBeing a Jack of All Trades isn’t perfect, of course, There are a few downsides, like...

You’re Not Considered a SpecialistIt’s Easy to Become Distracted or Succumb to Burnout

On Leadership:

A lot of great leaders have a wide range of experience. Leaders that know all the aspects of a business have an edge on someone who rose through the ranks doing only one job. Author and leadership adviser Tim Ferriss explains:

In a world of dogmatic specialists, it’s the generalist who ends up running the show. Is the CEO a better accountant than the CFO or CPA? Was Steve Jobs a better programmer than top coders at Apple? No, but he had a broad range of skills and saw the unseen interconnectedness. As technology becomes a commodity with the democratization of information, it’s the big-picture generalists who will predict, innovate, and rise to power fastest. There is a reason military “generals” are called such.

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