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Olympia Provisions Laser Potatoes Recipe: More Star Than Side Dish

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This is the first I've heard of Laser Potatoes.

Part of the beauty of the recipe is in the compression of the potatoes and onion after the whole thing is baked. It sounds like an unnecessary restaurant trick—when it’s golden all over, and smelling as sweet as it is, it certainly seems ready to eat—but letting it cool and pressing down on the top will get rid of any gaps between the potatoes, vastly improving the texture and structure of the thing.

I know what I'm making for Thanksgiving this year!

Seriously? You like this that much?

It does look very good. 

You aren't a cook so you wouldn't understand... but if you were, you could read the recipe and immediately note that you can make this thing AHEAD OF TIME -- like the previous day -- and just heat it up right before serving. That is in contrast to mashed potatoes, which gum up within minutes after being mashed. For Thanksgiving and other big meals, any dish that doesn't need to be made at the last second and doesn't create tons of dirty dishes carries a big premium. It's all about the logistics!

You make a good point about cooking ahead.  But even better is that you get to use a mandolin! And when folks ask what it get to say LASER potatoes.


PLUS you can try this method of peeling 5 lb of potatoes!!!