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Is VR The Future Of Gaming?

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I have used the DK1, DK2, the Crystal Cove, the Gear VR, whatever the most recent Rift is, the Vive, and I read Neuromancer for the first time earlier this month. I’m ready to connect the nanotrodes to my limbic and deck into the sprawl – or whatever. But – but – I’ve never heard a criticism of virtual reality that I disagreed with. It is sweaty in there. It is isolating. It is a novelty.

It’s just that the novelty is enough for me. VR is particularly good at scale, and with that and the added immersive aspects, it’s also unusually good at conveying a certain feeling of awe that I don’t get from normal screens. I’m not a well-read enough man to know whether this is sublimity as traditionally described, but I’ve gazed into the eyeballs of whales and across San Franciscan cityscapes and upon unfathomably large and distant stars and on each occasion I’ve been made to feel quiet and small and as if I’ve gleaned some greater appreciation for the grandness of life and all things. VR makes me sentimental like flying in planes makes me sentimental.

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Virtual Reality has been the future of gaming for a long time.

I'm still not quite sure what makes it cross over to mainstream. 

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