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Shark Tank Drinking Vinegar and Shrub Sodas: McClary Bros.

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Bros as in Brothers, not Bros as in bros:

The McClary Brothers Vinegar Brand was named after the founders' twin boys Ben and Jack, who are also big fans of flavored vinegar mixed with carbonated water instead of drinking soda. Jess first got the idea to invent an alternative to sugary drinks when she was a culinary student in Detroit, Michigan.

Drinking Vinegar and Shrub Drink Soda recipes:

About Drinking Vinegar Cocktails:

Drinking vinegars don't have to be just for drinking. 

You can use them as you would normal vinegar, putting them into salad dressings, marinades, and sauces. website. For those looking for a non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy the drinking vinegars in, you can also use it to make a healthier soda. You may just find yourself wanting to drink McClary Bros. all of the time.

McClary Bros did not get a deal on Shark Tank episode s7e1.

Mark Cuban says his wife loves vinegar but he doesn't.

Lori Grenier loves vinegar but for some reason decides not to invest.

Ashton Kutcher says the packaging is beautiful but they need a bigger vision.

You can help McClary Bros via their Indiegogo:

Shark Tank Drinking Vinegar and Shrub Sodas: McClary Bros. Imgur S7e1 season 7

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