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Meet Brock O’Hurn – the undisputed king of man buns

Meet Brock O'Hurn â the undisputed king of man buns | Metro News

He’s been dubbed the ‘King of Man Buns’ and he can whip those locks up into a top knot quicker than you can say ‘heck that’s a fine head of hair’.

Brock is a single, 23-year-old, 6ft 7in personal trainer from LA and he credits his 849,000 Instagram followers to a 25 second clip posted to his Facebook page back in November.

He captioned the footage: ‘In light of Man Bun Monday and No Shave November. Lets do it.’

The original video

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Kind of Fabio looking, or Thor


He's good with the ladies of all ages


and children too


This guy must be a friend, as he's in a lot of pictures


He does yoga too




He likes kitties


and doggies


When he was younger



Here ya go, Janill!

Almost 18 million views on Facebook.

Dreamy, all 6' 7 inches of him.  Great thighs.  Looks like he should be from Iceland ;)

Today I learned what "pink knighting" is.

He does look like he's from Iceland.

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