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Meet The Most Powerful Force In The Star Wars Universe: The Man Who Makes The Toys

Meet The Most Powerful Force In The Star Wars Universe The Man Who Makes The Toys Co Design business design


Evans says collectors claim that, to date, there are 2,300 different Star Wars figures ever made across the Kenner and Hasbro lines. "But that includes some subtle variants," Evans notes. "It's really hard to calculate because different collectors define what makes a figure unique differently."

Regardless of the exact amount, it’s a number that’s set to grow rapidly in the coming years as each new movie is released. Since becoming Star Wars design director in 2014, Evans has already overseen more than 200 figures across the 3-and-3/4-inch, 6-inch and 12-inch scales.

As for the favorite Star Wars action figure Evans has worked on?

"I'm actually very, very fond of the three-and-three-quarter inch Rey figure," Evans says. It’s an appropriate choice, and not just for the fact that Rey is one of the main characters in the next Star Wars chapter. That figure symbolizes a radical shift in the action figure market—and the Star Wars toys market in particular.

"It’s because of what it stands for," says Evans. "Just because of the way it's embracing girls into the brand more. I have a son and two twin daughters and my girls are infatuated with Rey. They think she's brilliant."

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There are 2300 DIFFERENT Star Wars figures?!


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