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Video: Watch Flying Robots Cooperate, Throw and Catch Balls | Robohub

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The quadrocopters are attached to an elastic net. The net allows them to catch the ball by moving such that they span the net under the falling ball. Since the net is elastic, the quadrocopters can not just catch but also toss the ball back into the air by rapidly accelerating outwards, thereby stretching the net and launching the ball from it.

That looks like so much fun!

Can civilians purchase quadrocopters yet?

from as little as $29 for crappy plastic toy up to $300 for a Parrot AR drone (entry level consumer quadcopter) to all the DIY options and more robust larger copters from $400 to $4000.

That's awesome, Andra. Now I just have to figure out what I want.

Probably more than the plastic toy.

I agree :)

Some are android, some are iPhone, some are neither. That may be another decision point. DIYdrones has great forums.

I think this is why Robot kickstarter projects are so appealing.

They're self-contained and we can decide a la carte if we want it, instead of having to figure out what it is that we want. :)

Nice insight!

I am a serial consumers of robot kits/products. On crowdfund free diet.

Well, I'm always looking for recommendations, so if there are kits and products you really like, please share!

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