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Top 10 companies winning at remote work culture and their secrets...

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What's the biggest secret you learned Edward?

No real "secrets" in the article. I found the article to be a particularly useful list of tools, tips, and resources that the companies used to enable collaboration and cohesion among remote employees. I had to learn on my own that email wasn't sufficient. We use Slack and RingCentral to enable collaboration. What the article lacked is the magic sauce of finding the right employee that will be responsible and ethical working remotely. I did like this tidbit from Basecamp:

In terms of motivation, they say the key is to encourage people to work on the stuff they like and care about with the people they like and care about. They believe work should be challenging, interesting and engaging, which motivates people to focus no matter where they are.

While having periodic company outings are great, you have to keep the team engaged and motivated daily.

I agree that the key challenge is finding employees with the discipline to work remotely. 

Btw I'm surprised GitHub was not on the list.

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