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How Many Grapes Are Inside Your Bottle Of Wine?

How Many Grapes Are Inside Your Bottle Of Wine VinePair


We’re in the midst of harvest season, which means finally, after all that hard work and the trials and tribulations that come with farming, the grapes are ready to be picked, ultimately heading to our bottle of wine. And these grapes are precious commodities, especially when it comes to wines on the higher end. Ones that don’t look perfect will be discarded, and that’s tough to stomach when you realize how many grapes are actually needed in order to make that bottle of wine you’re enjoying, coupled with how few grapes each acre of land actually produces. It’s no wonder certain bottles can get pricey.

Generally speaking, every single bottle of wine is made up of 600-800 individual grapes. That’s about 10 clusters. Think about this in relation to the conventional grapes you buy in the supermarket. Most of these bags have 3-4 clusters inside them, meaning you’d have to buy 3 bags of supermarket grapes to yield one bottle. That’s not just a lot of grapes, as you know from grocery shopping, depending on the quality, those grapes can get pricey.

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It is amazing how inexpensive some wine is given the bottle contains 600-800 grapes!

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