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What to Wear at a Standing Desk, by The New York Times

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The rest of work-related problems are resolved, I presume "At a standing desk, new body parts may be on display. Be prepared, said Mr. Graper. “I hope you have a great tailor and get pants to fit properly so they look nice on your butt,” he said."

Not only that but you have to make sure you have comfortable shoes. 

And perhaps a gel matt to stand on. 

Actually, both of those things are mentioned, too :) Yoga mat and going barefoot are some of the options.

Ah, good point Masha!

I wonder if going barefoot provides enough arch support. 

Seems like a good pair of supportive shoes would be better for a lot of people.

Article says being barefoot is really good for you. Depends on the surface, I would guess. And what physical shape you are in :)

And how good your feet are. 

Flat footed people and people who pronate probably should not go barefoot. 

I often opt for the barefoot choice at my standing station, but my foot arch game is pretty strong. 

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