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The Struggle, by Ben Horowitz

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One day quite a few years ago now, the Panda and I attended a visitation for a friend of ours who died too young. While we were there we ran into a second friend, a VC, and got to talking about his neighbor, another VC who had just committed suicide. Part of the problem, according to our friend, was that Silicon Valley is so ferociously dedicated to the cult of MASSIVE SUCCESS that you need to keep up the shiny happy "Oh yeah dude, I'm killing it!" front no matter what's really going on... even if it's really killing you.

Ben Horowitz is a maverick on Sand Hill Road partly because he spits truth about the not-so-glamorous sides of life as an entrepreneur. This is one of his most powerful essays, about what happens internally when the startup dream turns into a nightmare for the founder. Note that there is no real mention of money at all... this isn't about losing money or failing to make money, it's about you failing to lead your team and customers to an awesome PRODUCT first and foremost.

It's about creating awesome product that makes peoples' lives better. 

That's what makes The Struggle worthwhile.

Here are my notes from the first time I read Ben Horowitz's post:

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