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Best Guacamole Ever

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Not gonna lie, I am not a fan of tomatoes in my guac because unless you get the dry-farmed kind it is instantly an oil and water type situation. But other than that, this is a very solid guacamole recipe from a TRUSTED SOURCE.

I agree with you. The limes, white onions, and fresh garlic are must-haves. 

Personally I like diced jalapeños in mine for heat. 

I love jalapeños in guac. I limit the lime because it's too tart for my taste. 

Lime is a delicate balance: We want enough for flavor but not too much. 

I'm with you on the jalapeños.  The best guacamole ever had was in Cancun.  All they used was salt, pepper, lime...and a splash of cream.  I might just try this recipe with that splash.

A splash of cream is an interesting thought. Does it change the guacamole texture?

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