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The Future of Dieting Is Personalized Algorithms Based On Your Microbiome

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I don't know if the promise of weight loss via poop transfer is going to be an easy sell, but I think it's great to confirm OVER AND OVER that the "calories are calories" model of macronutrition is just outdated and crude science. Various humans don't even digest and store any food the same way, much less burn fat like predictable machines. Personalized nutrition might be very valuable in the near future.

Yeah, because everyone's microbiome is different, personalized nutrition can take that into account.

Your gut converts the food you eat into sugars, which are subsequently released into the bloodstream; from there, these sugars are either converted to energy or stored away as fat. Certain foods cause too much sugar to flow into the bloodstream, and this too-high level of glucose in the blood is what can lead to things like diabetes and obesity. But what foods do this? This is part of the point of nutrition guidelines, to recommend the foods least likely to cause this potentially dangerous spike in blood glucose.

But from their data, Segal and Elinav could see that the people in their study were responding to similar foods in wildly different ways. “Already, we could see at a very large scale that, indeed, for any food we looked at, we could see a huge variability in the response,” Segal said. “Some people, you give them sugar and they have a very faint response — even to pure sugar. Whereas others, they have a huge response. And this holds for basically every food that we examined.” And there were more surprises. “Some individuals, they eat whole-wheat rice and their blood-sugar levels remain low, and when they eat ice cream they spike,” Segal said. But for others the results showed just the opposite.

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