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The New Merchant Class: A primer on next century’s politics

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Not gonna lie, any half-decent historical reference will always get a look from me. One thing this author doesn't reference is that the American revolution was largely driven by this same merchant class, fighting against the landowners of England from afar.

I too didn't realize that the merchant class drove the American revolution.

I wonder if they'd have a sense of awe in what America has become. 

Haven't you ever heard of the Boston Tea Party, Panda? That is not to say that there weren't landowners in America, because obviously there were. But a striking number of the Founding Fathers were basically penniless younger sons of Southern landowning families (Washington, Jefferson) or Northern lawyers (Adams), printers (Franklin) or bankers (Hamilton). America has always been about the hustle, having to make it in the world without having a rich family and aristocratic title to fall back on... and therefore very much in the spirit of the merchant class this author is writing about.

I figured landowning families were wealthy.

And I figured lawyers, printers, and bankers were wealthy too.

It didn't occur to me that they were merchant class until you said so here.

Now it all makes sense to me.

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