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Why Flatulence Is Simply A Sign Your Bacteria Are Doing Their Job

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It's sort of amazing how little most people know about farting, given that it's a daily issue and a sign of health!

The average individual passes wind between 8 and 20 times a day, generating a volume of something like half a liter every 24 hours.

Out of (admittedly rather random) interest it would therefore take about three years for the average person to inflate a camping air mattress with their gastrointestinal gas.

Good to know!

My favorite factoid was learning that not everyone can light their farts on fire!

Yeah, I thought all flatulence was flammable. Go figure.

Geege, it's amazing people pass wind 8-20 times a day. Does this mostly happen while we're sleeping?

Well *I* wouldn't know, but the flatulence experts at FoxNews do:

While individuals can sometimes voluntarily control their flatulence during the day by tightening their rectum, all bets are off during the nighttime hours.

I'd love a link to the Fox News report.

Because knowing there are flatulence experts at Fox News makes my day.

Passing Gas 101. Now there's a Fox News headline.

And a mission statement.

Fox News: It's all about the gas.

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