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How Much Can You Save by Bringing Your Own Lunch Food to Work?

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When I was actively losing weight, I brought my lunches and snacks every day. Actually the biggest problem I had was the smell of the food... especially because my go-to foods were salmon and hard-boiled eggs :/

Same here, but I am lucky enough to live close to work so I just run home* for lunch.  WHERE I CAN EAT SMELLY FOODS (and obsessively brush my teeth afterwards).

*My dogs enjoy the mid-day interlude.

Smelliness aside, looks like we can save a lot of money by preparing our own lunches.

According to Forbes, the average American spends $936 annually on store-bought lunches alone.


[And if you include all cost factors and prepare your own lunches...]

Total Monthly Savings on Lunch: $100 to $200 or more

Total Yearly Savings: $1,200 to $2,400 or more

Nutritional gains, priceless.

Well, yes. The nutritional benefits far outweigh the dollar costs.

If you need a new job -- especially after age 50 -- you will regret saving money by eating lunches at your desk or home.

Ok, new rule: Bring lunch in so you can eat with a friend. 

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