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Despite Shifting Trends, Office Friendships Still Key to Productivity

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A different look on friendships at a workplace: "Instead of viewing workplace friendships as counterproductive, it is actually of great benefit for culture and production. Engaging in small talk, paying attention to social cues, and keeping up with coworkers can lead to a more enjoyable workday and greater output."

This is why when interviewing we should consider whether the company culture is right for us.

A good culture fit will make us more productive.

I have two questions:

1) Doesn't "culture fit" often just default to "we want people just like us" (in gender, ethnicity, background, etc.)? How do you get healthy and profitable diversity of perspectives?

2) I sometimes see tweets from people who basically say "I don't even want to talk to my teammates because 100% of my free time needs to be for my family... so any moment that I'm not WORKING working is a moment I am stealing from my kids" or something equally melodramatic. How do you accommodate those people, if at all? Maybe it's a phase when the kids are really young?

1) Yes.

2) Family people are only welcome in company cultures that value families.

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