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How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Our Lives

How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Our Lives


What is the Master Algorithm? And how close are we to developing it?

The Master Algorithm is an algorithm that can learn anything from data. Give it data about planetary motions and inclined planes, and it discovers Newton’s law of gravity. Give it DNA crystallography data and it discovers theDouble Helix. Give it a vast database of cancer patient records and it learns to diagnose and cure cancer.

But to do that we need a deeper understanding of how learning works. There are multiple approaches. One of them is to reverse engineer the brain. Another is to mimic evolution.

My own view is that you’re going to need to combine ideas from these paradigms to come up with a Master Algorithm. You need something like a grand unified theory of machine learning, like the grand unified theory of physics.

Somebody could discover it tomorrow or it could take hundreds of years. My gut feeling is that it will happen in our lifetime, and it will probably be someone who is actually not a professional machine-learning researcher.

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I, for one, hope they never reverse engineer the brain.

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