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'Metal Gear Solid V' In-Game Insurance Is the Latest Reason to Hate Konami

Metal Gear Solid V In Game Insurance Is the Latest Reason to Hate Konami Motherboard


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, just got a new and nefarious type of "microtransaction," or in-game item you can buy with real money.

It's insurance, and it's about as fun of a purchase as it is in real life. 

The Phantom Pain launched an online mode today, where players can invade other players' bases, even while they're offline. So while usually you'd log on to find that another player has wrecked your crib, forcing you to replace stolen items, if you paid for the Forward Operating Base (FOB) insurance during that time, all those items will be automatically replaced. Without the insurance, you have to pay for them again.

You can buy insurance with the game's currency, MB coins, which you can earn slowly by playing, or just buy with real money in packs that range from 100 MB coins for $1 to 6000 MB coins for $50.

You can pay for different insurance periods, ranging from one day for 50 MB coins, to 14 days for 300 MB coins.

It just seems like a really sleazy way to wring more money out of players who already paid $60 for the full game, especially after publisher Konami said players shouldn't worry about microtransactions.

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In-game insurance?! Really??