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Can Cinder, the World's Most Precise Griddle, Replace Sous-Vide?

Can Cinder the World s Most Precise Griddle Replace Sous Vide Serious Eats


The truth is, with a little patience and skill, you don't really need much more precision than that when cooking every day meals. But if modern sous-vide cooking has taught us anything, it's that precision sure helps when you want consistency cook after cook. Restaurants are already using ovens that hold temperature and humidity within a single degree or percentage point. We all know that a thermometer is our best weapon against dry turkey meat, and that it's the best way to achieve a perfect medium-rare steak.

Entering the fray next year is the Cinder, a countertop cooking device that promises to deliver sous-vide-level precision without the bags and the water bath. Think of it as the world's most precise and powerful George Foreman Grill. The question is, will it deliver?

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