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Use the Reappraisal Technique to Deal With Anger

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Your anger is often a response to the situation as you perceive it.

However, another context may make you less angry. For example, if a driver cuts you off on the freeway, you may get angry. If you knew they were taking an injured person to the hospital, however, you may be less inclined to be upset. By reappraising your situation, you can sometimes alter your own emotional response:

Imagine the scene...: someone is screaming at you, one inch from your face. You want to scream back. Or even hit them. But what if I told you their mother passed away yesterday? Or that they were going through a tough divorce and just lost custody of their kids? You’d let it go. You’d probably even respond to their anger with compassion. What changed? Not the event. Situation is the same. But the story you’re telling yourself about the event changed everything.

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