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Here's What Engineers Hate About Your Recruiting Emails

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What mistakes to avoid when contacting a passive candidate:"The typical engineer receives an onslaught of recruitment messages every week. Sadly, most of it is bound straight for the trash. To find out how to improve the plight of technical recruiters everywhere, we asked Lever engineers to talk about where exactly it all goes wrong, and what recruiters can do differently."

Focus on culture, not perks:

Standard startup perks like happy hours, free lunches, and ping pong tables aren’t differentiators anymore. And capitalizing on perks means making assumptions around what candidates care about. “It’s a red flag when a recruiter focuses too much on perks,” says Lever engineer Rachael. Instead, she says, “I'd prefer to hear about the projects I can work on and the company culture.”

To show instead of tell what it would be like to work at your company, try sharing actual details about the role, or linking to a blog post about engineering culture at the company.

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