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A Roadmap for a World Without Drivers, by Alex Rubalcava, Medium

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I'm looking forward to this world that Alex describes:

  • Uber, or someone like them, will offer autonomous shared vehicle services. Widespread adoption of such services would reduce the amount of vehicles needed to accomplish the same amount of transportation by between 75% and 90%, depending on assumptions about utilization rates and consumer preferences for sharing rides.
  • Without the need to pay drivers, Uber-like services with autonomous vehicles (AVs) will cost 50% to 90% less than they do today.
  • The improved safety of AVs will reduce insurance premiums between 50% and 90%.
  • Much of the urban real estate dedicated to parking will get re-purposed.
  • There will be much less traffic, even if shared AVs do not take off, from the more efficient driving patterns of AVs.
  • Vehicle miles traveled per person will not change much from today.
  • The first vehicles on the market will arrive between 2017 and 2020, with rapid changes to the transportation infrastructure following in short order.

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