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Light L16 Camera: For our friends and family...

For our friends and family

For our friends and family


The camera we released today is truly unique - the first of it’s kind. Think of it like a DSLR in your pocket. Rather than using a single large lens and sensor, many small individual camera modules fire together to capture multiple images. Afterwards, these images are combined to produce a high-resolution image up to 52 megapixels. More importantly, the camera offers true optical zoom from 35-150mm - no more grainy digital smartphone zoom. Plus, the L16 has incredible depth of field control for beautifully blurry backgrounds and great low light performance for all of those evening social activities.

What might this all mean to you? Shooting good photos at concerts or sporting events. Traveling without having to choose between the convenience of a point-and-shoot camera or lugging around a DSLR + the lenses you can’t live without. Diving without missing a critical shot because you can change lenses underwater (provided there’s an underwater case for the L16 - and I’m certain to build one to myself if needed!). Unobtrusively shooting ballroom photos that can blur the surrounding couples & background while showing every rhinestone in exquisite detail. Having more options available in post-processing. All while working with a device roughly the size of a cellphone in its case.

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Contact me for an extra $400 off discount code, in addition to the introductory $400 discount.

Sounds lovely but I will need to work my way up to DSLR.

Right now the smartphone camera suffices for me...

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