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Masterpiece: Starflight for PC | Ars Technica

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From the article:

For PC gamers who grew up in the 80s, Starflight was a thing of awe and reverence. Packed into a pair of 360 KB floppy disks was an entire pocket universe, with hundreds of star systems and planets to explore, a half-dozen alien races to talk to or fight with, and a cleverly revealed plot holding the entire joyous package together. Starflight defined the genre of space exploration games, and among its direct spiritual successors are Star Control II (available in its modern open source incarnation as The Ur-Quan Masters) and the Mass Effect series.

Galaxy map / travel view:

Galaxy Map

Planet view. Definitely makes me think of Mass Effect (a game which came out 20 years later).

Planet View

An alien encounter:

An Alien Encounter

Ship Status

I don't own a Windows box right now,s but I've been thinking of getting one just so I can do old school gaming, like Starflight.

Starflight I&II are available on for $5.99!

Is there no dhtml version? No iPhone version?

If not, you can use the Windows box at PandaWhale. I don't think we're ever going to use it.

I'm not sure if that computer has the minimum specs.

Worth a try, it's just sitting there collecting dust.

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