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DARPA's new program plans to stimulate your nerves for self-healing

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DARPA wants to modulate your nerves. The research agency's new Electrical Prescriptions(ElectRx) program is designed to discover the science and the technology that will stimulate the peripheral nervous system to detect and fight diseases. The nerves in this complex system are critical to all sensory and motor signal communications in the body. They constantly maintain and monitor your health status. When these nerves pick up a disruption, like an infection or injury, they trigger an automatic response in the brain or spinal cord that adjusts the workings of an affected organ to activate healing. But sometimes, when a disease compromises this natural flow of signals, the nerves produce a signal of pain or lead to autoimmune disorders, even diabetes. ElectRx is designed to address this glitch in the human system.

So it could be useful in preventing diabetes? Or curing it? Or both?

Unsure about preventing, but I know a few people in a "pre-diabetes" state that it seems this would help.

Coming out of "pre-diabetes" is the next best thing to prevention. A cure would still be wonderful.

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