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Introducing Raw Chicken Alcohol... And You Thought Bacon Vodka Was Disgusting?

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It's a tequila mixer?!

Prepare your stomachs: Pechuga Mezcal is giving meat lovers and tequila worm warriors a whole new kind of party-challenge.

This Mexican spirit is somewhat similar to tequila in that the agave plant is a primary ingredient in both. Mezcals, however, are made only at the end of the year when the agave and other fruit ingredients are at their ripest. And as for the name— “Pechuga” means “breast” in Spanish.

It’s named after one of its main ingredients, one many bar-goers might find surprising: raw chicken breast. After all nothing says “night on the town” quite like a tequila and chicken flesh cocktail. Am I right?

If you cringed at bacon vodka or get grossed out by the idea of meat-garnished beverages, stay far away from any Pechuga drink. Incorporating raw chicken into its mix, Pechuga Mezcal puts other meaty alcoholic beverages to shame. And it’s not part of a fad either. Livestock has been added to Mexican Mezcals for hundreds of years. In fact, this used to be made almost exclusively for special occasions

No, it' s mezcal! Not tequila!

I always thought mezcal was a form of tequila?

Sounds like I've been wrong. 

It's not, but my favorite Mezcal drink is this: 


del maguey "vida" mezcal, el jimador silver tequila, ancho reyes, monin blood orange, citrus agave, aromatic bitters

image-561e9111b1a97-TykF.jpegI have no idea what they did or who came up with it, but it's amazingly unique.   It mixes both mezcal and tequila which works divinely.

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