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Juggling mums and halo dads, by the Economist

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Ms Slaughter's ideas are closer to me than Ms Sandberg.

"In July 2012, however, Ms Slaughter took a meat cleaver to Ms Sandberg’s insinuation that anyone with brains and determination can navigate the work-family obstacle course. In a cover story for theAtlantic titled “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”, Ms Slaughter revealed that the reason she left her high-octane government job was to spend more time with her two teenage sons. Despite enjoying advantages most working mothers could only dream of (two upper-middle-class incomes and a husband with flexible working hours) she decided she could not properly support her children, who were in Princeton, while living five days a week in Washington, DC. No one could accuse Ms Slaughter of lacking the will or the skill to get ahead in a man’s world. The problem, she wrote, lay not with weak-kneed women but with the structure of the American workplace, where 24-hour demands made it impossible to be both a professional leader and a steady presence in family life."

Makes me wonder if we can change the structure of the American workplace. 

I think this is the only way. Plus - good affordable childcare.

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