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Theranos used blood test, Edison machines on 'small fraction' of patients

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Misterioso healthcare startup Theranos is under fire today after an incendiary WSJ expose claims their demo is not live.

Hmm, hard to tell what the truth is here:

Only 10% of blood tests the company performed at the end of last year used Theranos' technology. The rest used more traditional methods, The Journal reports, and some of the company's employees had concerns about their own tests' reliability.

Theranos has since responded to the allegations, claiming that the employees quoted in The Journal's article were "never in a position to understand Theranos' technology and know nothing about the processes currently employed by the company," and that other sources were "competitors and their allies" rather than "many of the scientific, healthcare,and business leaders who have actually seen, tested, used, and examined our breakthrough technologies."


The company has raised $400 million at a valuation of $9 billion and partnered with US pharmacies like Walgreens to allow patients to get the quick blood test — which takes only a small amount of blood from a pricked finger rather than multiple vials from a vein — more easily.

Theranos scored a major victory in July when the FDA approved its herpes test. But it has repeatedly come under fire from scientists and health professionals for operating in secret, without releasing many details about how its tests actually 

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