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Robots are taking our white collar jobs, too.

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For example, retrieving legal documentsbuilding complex constructionsmarking students’ work, and diagnosing patients could all potentially be done by robots.

And not only could computers match humans at these tasks—they could be better at them than us. Susskind says that robots are able to process far more data than humans:

A new medical journal article is published every 40-something seconds. If 2% of that medical literature is relevant for a doctor, then it would take 23 hours a day to read all those journal articles. That’s just not possible. Some of these systems can scan, read, digest these huge bodies of work that would be impenetrable for ordinary people.

And even professional duties we see as distinctly “human” could be carried out by AI. Just because machines can’t feel in the way that humans can, it doesn’t mean they can’t display empathy when it’s needed for the job. Indeed, emotionally sensitive robots currently exist.

Allowing machines to carry out professional work means that these services will be more accessible and affordable than ever before.

There’s already evidence that this is happening:

Aren't computers BETTER at white-collar jobs than physical stuff?!?!?

Yes, computers are better at most things that don't require emotion.

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