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The GOP Is Killing Itself

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“It’s hard to express just how depressed and depressing I find the current Republican discussions on immigration. I came to this country thinking it was one that welcomes immigrants — especially if you had something to offer by way of talents and willingness to work. Over time I came to believe the Republican Party was truly the party of ‘free markets and free people’. Now I really have trouble believing that.”

The message being sent to voters is this: The Republican Party is led by people who are profoundly uncomfortable with the changing (and inevitable) demographic nature of our nation. The GOP is longing to return to the past and is fearful of the future. It is a party that is characterized by resentments and grievances, by distress and dismay, by the belief that America is irredeemably corrupt and past the point of no return. “The American dream is dead,” in the emphatic words of Mr. Trump.

It is hard to support any anti-immigrant candidate. 

The United States was built on immigration over many generations. 

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