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Programmers guide to weight loss by Spacebug

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This guy is a real inspiration (I know what he ate before :)  

What did he eat before? 

Looks like he stopped eating sugar, pasta, rice, and wheat which gave him more willpower.

Well apparently, if you have static final variables (yes, contradiction in terms) you do not need to spend will power. This is the main hack of our minds – If you chose not to eat something because you hate it, or you are allergic to it, or it is against your religion, then you do not need to spend will power as you would with a dynamic type diet.

And really the key to eating right is to not have to use willpower.

tuxedo cat turkey test of my willpower meme imgur Programmers guide to weight loss | SPACEBUG

You know the real secret to losing weight? Having horrible eating and exercise habits in the first place. Set the bar low, bruh, and improvement is easy to come by!

True, it's easier to improve if you start with something bad because there are more things TO improve. 

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