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A Guide to the Chilies of Mexico

The Guide to the Chilies of Mexico Lucky Peach

PASILLAThe word pasilla is used to indicate a dried chilaca chile. They are typically five or six inches long with a chocolaty color and moderate heat (but you’ll occasionally encounter one that is ripping hot). Their rich and meaty profile makes them pair well with red meat, game, and mushrooms. Note that in Oaxaca this chile is called pasilla Mexicana to distinguish it from the local pasilla Oaxaqueño.

PASILLA OAXAQUEÑOThis is my favorite chile, and if I had my way, I’d put them in everything. Pasillas Oaxaqueños taste like spicy smoked raspberries, are dark in color with deep red tones, and their size varies anywhere from one to four inches. They aren’t cheap, but are worth a splurge. Buy them from spice houses like Terra Spice or from specialty produce purveyors such as Fresh & Wild. If you come across a chile relleno in Oaxaca, it’s likely made with the largest specimen of this chile: stuffed with picadillo, fried, and placed on a tortilla.

The Guide to the Chilies of Mexico Lucky Peach


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Came for the gif. Stayed for the fascinating Lucky Peach article. Chile for the win!

I made chile-infused vodka. Do not predict that the masses will be clamoring for it.

I dunno what the deal is with that link but I never got to any info about chiles before my browser froze up.

Why won't the masses like chile infused vodka?

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