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The End of Tipping Could Mean Better Restaurant Food

The End of Tipping Could Mean Better Restaurant Food Bloomberg Business


The U.S. has a bizarre government-imposed system that bans servers from sharing tips with cooks, dishwashers, and other staff who do not interact with customers. The same system allows restaurants to pay waiters only $2.13 per hour because they’re expected to make up the difference with the federal minimum wage, $7.25, in tips. As a result, the median hourly pay for American waiters is now $4, not including tips, or less than $700 per month based on a 40-hour workweek.

The median pay for a cook is $9, but because a server makes much more than her paycheck in tips, there’s a problem: Waiters wind up being paid much better than the people who actually make the food. Eliminating that irrational disparity is the reason Meyer—and some other U.S. restaurateurs—are eliminating tips.

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The argument works for me. I hope American tipping ends soon. 

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