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On the Red Couch with Science of Happiness Writer Eric Barker

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Holy smokes Eric are you getting younger?? You look marvelous!

I second that motion. Looking good, my friend!

Eric Barker has a Mona Lisa smile. :)

I like this:

Have you had any spiritual insights?

When I say “living a good life,” I don’t mean just making more money. I think what we see again and again is that happiness, and overall fulfillment, comes from relationships. It comes from connections to other people. That’s never a simple thing, but it’s something that we see again and again.

What are some of your most popular posts?

Happiness is something that people want to learn about. When I spoke to Shawn Achor, who did research at Harvard on the connection between happiness and success, [it] was incredibly popular. Shawn’s incredible insight that success doesn’t lead to happiness as much as happiness actually leads to success is really profound. 

It’s one of those times where it’s something he can back up with science, but also something that we want to be true.

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