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3D Printer Hacked to Make Human Arteries

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It's cool to think new arteries can be made cheaply... but as Karl Marx said, distribution -- in my case, to my brain -- is a bigger problem than production.

Still, what an amazing breakthrough using a $2000 printer to make complex living tissues. 

Doctors have already used 3D printing to support an infant's damaged windpipe, create a titanium jaw replacement, and synthesize tiny livers to test potential drug therapies. Building functioning, custom organs ready for implant is still many hurdles away. But the new research brings the futuristic promise of bespoke tissues for medical therapies another step closer to reality.

How to 3D print a heart bioprinting infographic KurzweilAI

Source plus how to 3D Print a Heart:

This video gives a good explanation of the bioprinting process by Adam Feinberg.

Carnegie Mellon scientists develop gel framework to allow 3-D organ printing: In tests, the researchers created femurs, branched coronary arteries, trabeculated embryonic hearts, and human brains using the method.

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